Pilates is suitable for clients of all ages and abilities. Choose a class to suit your goals - depending on what you are looking to achieve personally, whether strengthening and toning, to complement other areas of your fitness programme, to address postural issues, general maintenance, rehabilitation post injury or surgery or just an hour to yourself a week to relax, recharge and revitalise.

Group Classes & Private Tuition

Beginner/Restorative Group Class

For clients who are new to Pilates or who are perhaps coming back to it after a while, and would like to revisit the fundamentals or for those coming to Pilates as part of a rehab programme, this gentle class establishes the important foundations of the Pilates principles, which will help to improve posture, strength, mobility, effective breathing, balance, neuro muscular connections and aid tension release.

Barre Pilates Group Class

Based on Pilates principles, this class is a fusion of Pilates with Classical Ballet barre and floor exercises. You don't have to be a dancer to benefit from this class, however it is a challenging class, great for strengthening and toning legs, seat, core and arms and as with every Pilates class, will help to improve posture, mobility, balance, precision and grace.

Mixed Ability Group Class

Aimed at clients who have been practicing Pilates for a while. Because of the small sized groups, attention can be given to the needs of the individual, clients are encouraged to work at a level most beneficial to them, with modifications provided for clients who are able to be challenged further.

Private Tuition


This is the optimum way to explore Pilates, whether looking to tone and strengthen, recover from injury, work on specific areas, to improve technique in your chosen sport or just have some 'me' time, a programme designed to suit your specific needs and goals to ensure you get the most out of each session.

All classes are 1 hour in length. Group classes are booked and paid for as a course with 8 clients maximum in a class, to ensure more personal tuition.

Courses run generally along side school terms and payment for the course is made prior to the beginning of the course, to ensure a space is held. 

5 week course - £50                          

6 week course - £60

7 week course - £70 

Group Class Drop in rate - £12. Please note however that drop in rate is only available the first time you try a class out. After that, if you choose to continue, you are asked to commit to a course.

Private Tuition 1:1 - £45              2:1 - £55           3:1  - £60


I regret that I am unable to refund the cost of missed classes, but in the event that you are unable to make a class, if you let me know in advance, I will be happy to try to accommodate you in another suitable class during the course, subject to space availability.

Clients are asked to wear clean, comfortable clothing, such as leggings or tracksuit bottoms and bring a small towel. All mats and small equipment are provided.

Clients are asked to complete a medical questionnaire in order that any medical issues or concerns can be discussed and addressed prior to class, to ensure client safety and well being and that the needs of the individual can be considered in class. All information will of course be kept strictly private and confidential.